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Clear lessons, adequate practice and thorough revision. 

Mastery has never been simpler.

Periodic assessments included. No screen time. BLOOM offers high quality paper pencil based maths education in the comfort of your own home. 


BLOOM is a unique programme. It breaks down the curriculum into 20 minute chunks. Lessons, practice exercises, revision, application, challenges and assessments - all rolled into one solid programme that makes learning maths complete, meaningful and fun while achieving mastery.  
Our teaching approach is clear, thorough and systematic. We make sure each concept is clearly understood, algorithms practiced and applied. Our aim is to help children develop a lifelong relationship with numbers and logic, a deep love for maths and more importantly mathematical thinking. To achieve this we provide structured, engaging, paper pencil based after-school coursework to learn at home.  

If you need any help or support, we are just an email or phone call away. 

Our unique 6-point methodology helps children get a solid grounding in maths while developing mathematical thinking and numerical fluency

Clarity in concepts

Structured instruction through carefully planned, clearly written and easy to understand lessons.                 

Adequate practice 

Plenty of practice with a wide variety of of problems to strengthen understanding and enhance application 

Thorough revision

We revise regularly to refresh concepts and develop good study habits

Spaced repetition

We repeat critical lessons after a set period of time. This is a highly effective technique. Research has proven that spaced repetition produces long-term retention of knowledge

Meaningful memorisation

In a significant shift from rote-learning methods, meaningful memorisation uses logical interpretation and visualisation in areas that require memorising

Periodic assessments

Periodic assessments are a part of the programme. They help us monitor your child's progress and identify gaps.  

We support vertical learning

Your child will move up and learn new things as they progress. Their age or year group will never come in the way. 
After all, its never too early or too late to enjoy maths! 


Pencil-paper based learning

With paper–pencil based learning, children engage more with their work and as a result commit their learning to their long-term memory.


World class curriculum

Our curriculum goes beyond the UK national curriculum, focusing on developing the child's numerical and logical reasoning abilities. 


Easy and simple! 

BLOOM is a powerful programme designed to achieve more within a short period of time. Just read through our lessons with your child and help complete the exercises. 

How can BLOOM help you and your child? 

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With BLOOM, your child will ...


Learn for mastery 
Learning for mastery is at the heart of our programme. Bloom's 6 point methodology provides a brilliant framework for mastery. Moreover, with paper–pencil based learning, children engage more with their work and as a result commit their learning to their long-term memory.

Gain strong numerical and logical reasoning skills 
Our aim is to develop mathematical thinking in children. With BLOOM, children learn to identify concepts in different settings. They learn to recognise standard mathematical notion, communicate mathematically, separate key data from the less significant, connect geometrical and analytical representations and recognise mathematical problems in everyday life. We practice through a wide variety of problems to develop application and logical reasoning capabilities. 


Develop into an independent learner 
Encouragement of self-learning is unique to BLOOM. This is not a skill taught by most private tutors. At around age 8, we encourage transition to self-learning mode. By around age 9, you will be purely supervising your child's learning process. Remember, every child is different. So this timing can vary.  

Learn in the comfort of your home
 Learning from a parent comes naturally. Children are more relaxed, attentive and receptive when they learn from a parent. No one knows you child like you do. You already taught them so much! Making bubbles, folding clothes, riding a bike - maths is no different. 
BLOOM empowers parents to leverage this beautiful natural teacher-learner relationship to achieve mastery in maths. You don’t need to be good at maths or have the teaching skills. You just need to be committed to setting your child up for success! Just relax and calmly read through the lessons with your child – just like you read a story! 


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