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How can BLOOM help parents?  

 As busy parents, we found it extremely hard to find the time to plan, gather resources for our daughter to support and strengthen her maths skills. Five years ago, we started putting together a structured programme, researching best methods to teach different concepts, creating easy lessons and meaningful exercises all leading to clear understanding and mastery in primary maths. We created BLOOM from these resources. No more wasting time looking for resources on the internet, no printing out random worksheets, no worries about your child "forgetting" a topic you worked on last month, no trips to the tutors (yay!!).  
With BLOOM, you can lay solid foundations to your child's maths skills in just 20 minutes a day. The icing on the cake is that, BLOOM is easy on the pocket.
Try BLOOM - you won't be disappointed! 

How is BLOOM different from other programmes like KUMON and Explore Learning? 

At BLOOM, we are passionate about maths. We teach maths to develop strong logical and numerical reasoning abilities. Our aim is to help children grow into mathematical thinkers, not calculators. Our pupils learn to speed up calculations using numerical reasoning, not rote learning. Maths is much more than just calculations!  BLOOM is a superior alternative to KUMON. 

BLOOM is a pencil-paper based programme. We believe in the power of traditional learning methods, especially for maths. With pencil paper based learning, children engage more with their work and as a result, commit their learning to long term memory. Today's generation already gets plenty of screen time anyway! 

BLOOM has been developed to provide a superb learning experience at home. We bring affordable, flexible and world class maths tuition to your doorstep. 

How will my child learn with BLOOM? 

BLOOM is a paper-pencil based, home learning programme. Our study plan runs for 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month.  Each weekly pack contains 2 lessons, 1 practice session and 2 revision sessions. BLOOM offers you complete flexibility. You are free to structure the week as it suits you.
BLOOM requires parental support for 20 minutes a day. You don't need to be a good teacher or even be good at maths to use our programme. All we expect from parents is 20 minutes to read with your child and a little bit of patience. 
In a matter of weeks, you will see your child develop skills and confidence. 

What will my child learn with BLOOM? 

Our curriculum is based on the UK national curriculum. It also draws the best from the USA common core and Singapore national curricula. Our pupils learn concepts through clear concise lessons. They practice algorithms and application through practice exercises. Revision exercises have been designed to implement the learning technique of spaced repetition and to stretch application using a variety of problems. Apart from the all-important maths skills, you child will develop regular study habits and confidence. 

My child struggles with maths at school. How can BLOOM help ? 

We firmly believe EVERY child can be good at maths. BLOOM offers vertical learning - teaching children in ability groups rather than age groups. We conduct an assessment to determine the best starting point for your child. Usually, this is where he/she is comfortable, but has topics that are not mastered yet. Once you sign up, BLOOM's learning pack will provide you with everything you need to help your child learn, improve and enjoy maths every day. 

My bright child is not being challenged at school. How can BLOOM help ? 

With vertical learning, your child will start learning at an appropriate level for his/her ability. He/She will learn new things and zoom ahead, without waiting for the whole class to catch up. We can also provide extra stretch work (at no extra cost) for exceptional students who complete the course work on time and want more! 

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