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How does it work?

Starting BLOOM is easy! 


Designed by experts, our placement test helps map your child's current level to a specific point in BLOOM's programme structure, finding a balance where your child is comfortable but encounters topics he/she is yet to master.
Contact us to request a free placement test. 


Once the placement test is done, your child is ready to start! Complete our sign up process. It just takes a few minutes.


BLOOM's learning pack will be sent to you every month. Each pack will contain lessons and exercises for four weeks. A weekly pack will have two lessons, one practice exercise and two revision exercises.
Periodic assessments will also be included.  

BLOOM requires parental support for 20 minutes a day. In a week, the first two days will be for reading through the lessons. The following three days will be for helping your child complete practice and revision work.

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