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Don't just take our word for it ... 

"We tried BLOOM as a part of their beta testing. We like the clear lessons, examples and exercises. My daughter and I enjoy our maths time every day. By the time she finished level star (10 weeks), she was moved up a set in school. I'm happy that she is no longer afraid of maths. She enjoys it now.
BLOOM is quick, flexible and cost effective. " 

Update : ".... Happy to let you know that Neha has been moved to the top set for maths today. She is thrilled! Thank you ! " 

"...We started just 3 months ago, and I can already see a significant improvement in his confidence. BLOOM is neatly structured. The lessons explain each topic clearly there is adequate practice and revision. Its saves me so much time...

"I signed up for a free trial back in 2016. My daugher is bright, but she was not challenged enough at school.  She loves maths. My wife and I both work full time, so we struggle with time. Also, we are not very good at maths or teaching! Unfortunately, we cannot afford a tutor. BLOOM came as a blessing. It's a brilliant course. Its been 6 months since we started. She is working a year ahead "

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